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Things with legs

Post about other stuff to follow. Maybe.

For now, enjoy some photos of things with legs. You probably shouldn't look if you're arachnophobic or something. Also TONS of photos, slow connections beware.

Click on any to see full-sized HUGE picture.

Wood frog (rana sylvatica), found in my yard.

Tiny little treefrog, not sure what species. Found in garden, yay!

Dragonfly in the BWCA; I'll have to ask my ma again what species it is.

Damn, why did this turn out so blurry? No larger image. Fishing spider (dolomedes), one of many I encountered in the BWCA.


Fishing spiders aren't small; they're the largest spiders native to Minnesota.

Some funky caterpillar; no clue what it is. I didn't touch it.

A cicada I found in the yard yesterday. No idea what species. To Bugguide.net I go!
Tags: arachnids, critters, photos
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