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The Secret Life Of Dr. Phineus

thus spake he with the serpents' tongue:



art by kayla_cline

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Things with legs

Post about other stuff to follow. Maybe.

For now, enjoy some photos of things with legs. You probably shouldn't look if you're arachnophobic or something. Also TONS of photos, slow connections beware.
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Recipe: Pear cake

first off, this cereal is delicious. I highly recommend the peanut butter flavour. it's like Capn Crunch, but it doesn't shred your mouth, and it's not ridiculously sweet. :D had a big bowl for breakfast, along with some Genmai-cha tea (on sale for for $7/11 oz, have I mentioned I love Asian markets?)

ANYHOW. to lighten the mood after this week's barn collapse, yeah? the promised PEAR CAKE
the recipe was from a Lund's book, I modified to my tastes.

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Strange Foodstuffs

Please, everyone, take 10-20 minutes to respond to this, I'd really appreciate it! It's a little survey about "weird food." I've left this post public, and I encourage anyone and everyone who stumbles across it to respond (or to pass on the link!). I've left anonymous commenting open as well.

As I've so often mentioned, I keep expanding my "foodie" horizons - there are a number of potentially questionable things I've tried, and nearly as many I enjoy. I am passionate for things I found disgusting 10 years ago; I want to try things I never could have imagined myself eating 5 years ago.

Not to say there isn't food I don't like or just won't eat. There are things I'm a bit squeamish about (such as insects). There are people I've known that limit their diet to mundane foods, say boxed mac & cheese dinners and take-out pizza, and I just can't fathom such a stiflingly trite gastronomical existence.

I also ponder a lot on what makes foods "gross," especially to (us) white Americans. It seems often that "gross" or "bizarre" foods have a sort of social stigma, a taboo...
Why is offal - the meat of the head, the liver, stomach, blood - disgusting, but the flesh of an animal is not? If organs by themselves are gross, why are processed meat products appetizing?
Why are certain animals regarded above others? Some cultures eat different animals: yak, cat, horse, goose, live shrimp, insects. Why are some of these animals considered unappealing or taboo, when consumption of others (cattle, chicken, live oysters) is culturally and personally acceptable?

All right, enough of that; some questions, I'd greatly appreciate anyone that takes the time to fill this out to the best of their ability. There's no right or wrong answers! And answer as long or short as you like!
(Also "food" includes drinks - so if you think buffalo milk or snake venom liquor is weird too...)

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To be fair, here are my own answers. Thank you so much to everyone who has responded so far!
I'll be out of town the rest of this week, so I shall respond to you all after that ♥


we're all living in the future - I'll tell you how I know, I read it in the paper fifteen years ago. we're all driving rocket ships and talking with our minds, wearing turquoise jewelry and standing in soup lines.



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